Subject: Ecology

Organic produce

Can these apples really be organic??? I have rarely seen such a geometricaly perefect set of apples, even the radius of these spherical apples seems to be correct for there preformed packaging. It brings about the question, what is the failure threshold for the apples that did not make it through the net and does what us the real cost of producing a commercialy available organic that are appealing to consumers.

Clothes rack



Simple alternative to an electric clothes dryer, this simple clothes dryer is beautifully integrated into the architectural ironwork. The curved up side arms also facilitate removal of the clothes further from the user.

G8 climate protests


Scenes from the climate change protests on 1st May in Bishopsgate,



Rubbish floating in Leith Docks, Edinburgh. Though a sad sight, the colours and variety of waste in the photo take on an almost artistic narrative.

Local produce


The dinning area in Hackney City Farm. The city farm is one of a number of eateries that sells local produce. With growing public awareness and desire to ‘buy local’ will this start to become the norm?

The cost of informing people


A cleaner on the London Underground. These cleaners spend much of their day removing the used free papers left on the train carriage. This raises the question, what happens to all the disused papers, are they separated? are they recycled? was there less need for cleaners before free newspapers became so widespread? What is the trade off between better access to information and the resulting ecological impact?

Customer confusion


Ecological claims and advertising in a Marks & Spencer’s. Customers are increasingly bombarded with ecological claims from everything from shops to airlines to petrol companies. How can people make informed decisions? Has anything improved or are corporations just much better at selling there green credentials?