Subject: Culture

Italian clans

Football decorations







Football decorations in the streets of Bari. Like many European and South American countries, football plays an important role in society and culture. With red and white as colours of the local team, the residents in Bari use all materials at their disposal to support their team. Fortunately cheap daily objects such as disposable plates and cup match the team colours.

Domestic shrines




Shrines in Bari Centro Storico. Like football, religion plays an equally important part in life to residents in Bari. It is common for each household to have their own shrine outside the house. Resident ensure their shrines are well manicured, and each has a unique design.



A public warning poster in Vietnam. Along with the many dangerous artifacts that are banned, Durians, a fruit with a putrefied odor us also on the list. Thanks to Mark Chau for this photo.

Textile design


Tartan fabric on bus seats in Edinburgh.



A news agent on the Royal Mile, Edinburgh, caters for all potential customers.

Cultural attitude to weather


An umbrella wrapping machine in The National Maritime Museum, Greenwich. It is interesting to see that this machine is manufacture by a Japanese company, suggesting that there are not native manufacturers of such machine. The fact that such a machine exists in Japan and not Europe suggests some of the cultural habits around cleanliness and hygiene in Japan.

Self enforced rules


A bespoke sign requesting people not to park their scooters on the pavement in the Navigli Area in Milan. Though illegal street immigrant street sellers set up stall every night in the summer months in this region of Milan. As with many aspects of Italian life there is a delicate balance between illegality and trust. The police regularly walk along the street sellers without moving them on. Sometime this tactful approach to the law is more fruitful.

Effect of climate on culture


Balcony flowerpots support brackets. Unlike northern Europe, where balconies tend to be more for decoration, balconies and terraces play a greater role in Italian life, and are in use for much of the year. These plant pot brackets are testament to the importance of making the balcony an extension of the living room.

Effect of regulatory systems on safety


An electrical socket in Italy. This is can be a common site in Italy, with 5 different type of domestic electrical socket, people can end up with banks of adaptors to run their electrical appliance of desire.

Centro sociale


Disused computer monitors in Leon Cavallo, the most infamous socialist center or Centro Sociale as they are called in Italian. Politics exists at every level of Italian life, it can define the music you listen to, the football team you support and the clothes you wear.