Subject: Branding

Poster relic

During a poster change at Moorgate station, an old poster is revealed, probably from the early 1980′s, showing that celebrity endorsement is no new thing, with celebrity of the day, Jimmy Saville footing the campaign for British Rail.

Anonymous branding



Two old logos on utility meters door. The playful use of the brackets in the logo produce a simple and engaging piece of communication.

Social division


Graffiti on an old Established & Sons hoarding in Hackney, London. It is ironic that the exclusive furniture brand which takes it’s corporate branding cues from the graphics of yesterdays family run businesses it reminded how their neighbours feel about them.

If it ain’t broke…don’t fix it


An optician’s shop sign in Delancy Street New York. In a world where slick branding is ubiquitous, there is something comforting about the design of this old sign.

Customer confusion


Ecological claims and advertising in a Marks & Spencer’s. Customers are increasingly bombarded with ecological claims from everything from shops to airlines to petrol companies. How can people make informed decisions? Has anything improved or are corporations just much better at selling there green credentials?