Subject: Advertising

Gorilla marketing


Gorilla marketing in King’s Cross station. As traditional adverting techniques fail to engage with people, brands are looking for evermore innovative ways to reach out. Many of these push the boundaries of legality, as the team marketing Marks & Spencer’s Sushi label are finding out here as they are moved on by station staff.

Cashing in on the downturn


An advert for Virgin Media on The Metro Newspaper. It was interesting to see how long it took before a common term was coined to describe the financial crisis, how companies took use of the term to their advantage. There are two interesting points here:

1. Advertising and marketing will always look for an opportunity to turn a negative into a positive, even one as grave as the financial crisis.

2. Where to terms start, while many people now the term ‘credit crunch’ to describe the financial crisis, what are the mechanisms that lead to an adoption of a term?

Customer confusion


Ecological claims and advertising in a Marks & Spencer’s. Customers are increasingly bombarded with ecological claims from everything from shops to airlines to petrol companies. How can people make informed decisions? Has anything improved or are corporations just much better at selling there green credentials?