Can these apples really be organic??? I have rarely seen such a geometricaly perefect set of apples, even the radius of these spherical apples seems to be correct for there preformed packaging. It brings about the question, what is the failure threshold for the apples that did not make it through the net and does what us the real cost of producing a commercialy available organic that are appealing to consumers.

  • By james steiner, 2010/04/06 @ 14:51

    ciao nice one
    i like the apples

  • By eva, 2010/07/15 @ 11:01

    James, lots of organic is now just about the label…

  • By James, 2010/07/16 @ 17:20

    I know…it is so confusing for customers…how do people know what to believe, when so many brands communicate the same message!

  • By eva, 2010/08/28 @ 16:39

    The best thing is: take your time, forget the brands, and believe your instinct when choosing food. If rabbit know which carrot is good, we should too! :)

  • By james camm, 2010/10/05 @ 13:11

    Homogenisation is very much part of our western lifestyle, i remember going to Russia and where I saw road side locals selling home grown vegetables that were so irregular that I remarked that they may have been produced close to Chernobyl, in hind sight this was crude joke and probably naive. Anyway don’t worry the irregular apples wont go to waste, i expect they will be used for pressing or cider, or maybe they are sold locally and fed to sheep, god knows but if the producers cant think cleverly about how to run a business and utilise waste they wont last very long.

  • By james camm, 2010/10/06 @ 14:19

    Apple update,.. Just went to an orchard in my grandmothers communal garden, wow almost every single apple was perfectly round.. ps. We really have to much time to worry about this stuff.

  • By James, 2011/01/12 @ 14:54

    But were they the same size?

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